A photograph is a moment in time. It’s what you do with it that matters.

Photography has been an integral part of my life from an early age thanks to my father’s influence as a commercial photographer, painter & sculptor. Growing up with a camera in my hands, I developed a deep appreciation for capturing moments frozen in time. To me, a photograph is not just a snapshot; it’s an opportunity to be creative and bring my visions to life.

I enjoy in the instant gratification of digital photography, being able to witness the results instantly and envision how they will evolve during the post-processing stage. Currently, my focus lies in my series called “Under the Bridge” where I still use my old trusty 2013 Sony RX100 ll cameras. I created my first bridge shot in 2015 but for the past 2 years, I have been heavily photographing under bridges on highways from a moving car. I shoot with the built-in flash only at night through the sunroof. I do not look, and I only get one shot. I get some misses with only a piece of the bridge, and they are in my portfolio as well.

For several years now, the Sony RX 100 Mark ll camera with its remarkable 1″ 20-megapixel chip has been my trusted companion. I have 3 Mark ll’s and each camera yields a different effect, influenced by differences in the chip. However, one constant remains: I always shoot in raw format, enabling me to retain the purest essence of the captured scene.

While my shooting style has remained consistent since the mid-80s, the recent series of bridges has propelled my work to new geometric directions. The thrill of shooting in the dark without looking through the lens and later in post-processing evokes memories of working with film, patiently awaiting the development process. I once owned my own lab, again allowing me the instant gratification of fast film processing.

Much of my work appears almost black until I process the raw files. I have been using the same series of Photoshop filter packs I created many years ago. I choose between a series of 10 or so filters. this is what has kept the consistency of flipped colors and textures. 

The revelations that unfold before me continue to amaze me.

I believe in the importance of preserving the raw essence of every photograph, I always shoot in raw format. Additionally, I have developed a series of saved developments in my digital lab, progressing through various pre-established variations before fine-tuning the final result.

During my career as a commercial photographer, I specialized in Light Painting within the studio environment. This allowed me to indulge in the vibrant color saturation and atmospheric moods that I was able to create. Now, I have discovered a new avenue for expressing that same desire.

In addition to my passion for Fine Art Photography, I have also honed my skills as a Web Designer, Textile Designer, and Mac Technologist. These diverse pursuits fuel my creative spirit and enable me to explore different avenues of expression.